About RPS Road transport

Auto Drive Solutions (ADS) has patented a disruptive positioning system called Radar Positioning System (RPS). RPS uses four high-resolution radars for reading positioning information encoded in 6mm high paint drops following a principle similar to the Braille code Each sensor obtains a high-detailed profile and detects the presence of the drops in a column.


The temporary path lost is not an issue owing to the extreme RPS accuracy. In this case, the vehicle will be able to use deadreckoning guidance safely for over than 200 meters


RPS has the path shape and code sequence pre-recorded. Any manipulation or hacking of the paint-drops code will generate a mismatch turning the vehicle into safe mode

Battery, small dimensions

The reading sensor has very small dimensions, small enough to be installed into a wristwatch

The system has reduced power consumption, allowing for battery-operated usage


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